Come one come all! The time is drawing near for a truly spectacular event, a spectacle like no other!

The prosperious streets of Kattegat are hosting merchants from all over the world. Goods like no others will be sold to those who bring coin enough. We invite merchants, travellers, warriors, people from all over to visit. This market is like no other, never has such a large collection of rare, exotic, and mysterious heirlooms ever been for sale!

For those who do not seek materialistic goods, but rather glory or favor from the God(s) this is the place. A brawl for people from far and wide can fight, and make their country proud. The winner will truly be a champion of the North!

Saturday 2PM EST

Festivities will begin, goods will be for sale and players will also be allowed to sell their own goods. A warp will be provided and a region secured with no PvP allowed.

Saturday 4PM EST:

The brawl begins! Any and all warriors available are able to sign up for the brawl. No items will be supplied - players must bring their own weapons and armor. However, no items will be losted, as keepInventory will be set to true.

bolivar105 Are you selling mods as salves for a day i will 100% buy cale
Blossom_Eclipse Also. how much coin would you say would be an good amount to have for such an occasion? I'm poor af lol I gotta kno...
Blossom_Eclipse How long will it last?